Hello , my name is Julie (: I post pictures that were edited on photoshop by me; Pictures are not mines unless stated. Credits belongs to the rightful owners. est 031911
p.s. this blog is under my main; madeforkorea

progress: no pictures.

Soo I started to see that people are still following this blog/starting to follow this blog OTL i am so sorry, you guys. I’m just not so sure how to keep with this blog up seeing that there’s times where I can’t really edit due to school and work.. and this blog is connected to my main blog so I can’t really follow like I would hope to (wish it was all under one account but seperate followers/following) But I have a question that I would like some answers.

Would you guys like me to keep this blog as an only edits blog (where i just edit kfashion pictures and re-strictly only on that) OR would you guys like me to edit AND reblog kfashion posts?

Anonymous asked:
what is your main blog? (:

don’t expect so much though lol .-.